Thursday, May 14, 2015

Part 1 of 4: Making the case for Multi Function Printer (MFP) dealers to re-embrace document management

Last month, speaking at the ITEX conference, I gave a presentation on ways to automate workflows within an office using distributed desktop scanners. While there, at the end of my presentation, I was approached by a guy who said “Yeah, Eren, thats great, but the reality of it is that the copier guys have been told that content management was the way to go for 10 years, but none of us have ever been able to make a go of it. Do you have a reason for why?"   Since I was there to discuss standalone scanners, I was a little nervous, but getting a nod of approval from my host, I told him. I didn't have A reason for why. I had a LOT of reasons for why.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be exploring three of those reasons in more detail, hopefully to offer a compelling, salient argument for why it didn’t work before, and why it will work now.

When I started in this industry, many things were different in the landscape. Though, technically speaking, the ability was there to scan from a copier, there were several factors that made this an ad-hoc scanning solution as opposed to a driver for production scanning and thus, document management. In these three ways the landscape has changed considerably.  To ensure continued profitability and keeping up with competition, it's time for office product dealers to rethink adopting or partnering with a company that can offer document management solutions:

So what has changed?
  1. Ergonomics and mechanics of sharing a centralized machine. (bottleneck issues)
  2. Technical limitations – compression, image issues, network traffic, and automated extraction
  3. Business compensation models don't allow for consultative sales, both in refining skill sets and in practice  

Next week we will go into detail about the bottlenecks we used to deal with...and why we don’t anymore.

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